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Donna Fletcher Crow

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Donna Fletcher Crow (US) is the author of forty-some books, mostly novels dealing with the history of British Christianity. She is the author of The Monastery Murders series; The Lord Danvers Victorian True-Crime series; The Elizabeth & Richard literary mysteries, GLASTONBURY,A Novel of the Holy Grail and more.

Fay Sampson

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Fay Sampson (UK) is a writer of adult and children's fiction and non-fiction, including A MALIGNANT HOUSE, #2 in the Susie Fewings series, a British Crime Club Pick.

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Happy Birthday, Jane Austen

By Donna Fletcher Crow ~ December 8, 2014

 Jane Austen was born on the 16th of December, 1775, at the quiet rectory of Steventon in rural Hampshire. Two Hundred and thirty-nine years later the world is still celebrating her birthday as a heartfelt "Thank you" for the enormous joy her six novel and assorted minor works have brought to our lives.

And here in Boise, Idaho, 4,815 miles from Steventon, The Idaho Region of the Jane Austen Society of North America celebrates Jane's birth with an annual birthday tea that would undoubtedly amaze, and hopefully, delight her.
This year Janeites and friends were welcomed to the Grove Hotel by a string quartet from Boise High School and had an opportunity to... Read More
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Jane Austen 2015 Calendar, Longbourn to Pemberley

By Donna Fletcher Crow ~ November 19, 2014

 It's so much more than a calendar! The hot-off-the-press 2015 Jane Austen Calendar by JT Originals is a guided tour of the locations of the wonderful 1995 BBC/A&E mini-series of Pride and Prejudice.



Through the months you'll visit... Read More

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Mavens of Mayhem at Mysteries on Main Street

By Donna Fletcher Crow ~ October 27, 2014

 Mavens of Mayhem— what a great name! Mavens of Mayhem at Mysteries on Main Street— even better. (Just try saying it ten times fast.) And what a great event it was.

Mavens of Mayhem is the name of the upstate New York Sisters in Crime chapter who very kindly invited me to come along and share informally in their panel and book signing at the delightful Mysteries on Main Street book store in historic Johnstown, New York.

What a joy to be in a real book store with actual hold-in-your-hand paper books and to meet a real, live bookseller and talk to enthusiastic readers in person. Yes, it’s been a great convenience on our 6,000 mile road trip to have books on my... Read More

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A Visit with Tim Bullamore from Jane Austen's Regency World Magazine

By Donna Fletcher Crow ~ October 24, 2014

 Have you ever wished you could get paid to live in Jane Austen's world? In some ways that seems to be what Tim Bullamore, publisher of the delightful Jane Austen's Regency World Magazine has accomplished. I met Tim and his magazine last year at the Jane Austen Society of North America AGM in Minneapolis. 

This year we met again at the same event in Montreal. After I told Tim how much I have enjoyed
my... Read More
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Crow/Crowe Family Migration to Nebraska

By Donna Fletcher Crow ~ October 16, 2014

 I have enjoyed Fay Sampson's articles on this blog about how family research led to writing her excellent Suzie Fewings mystery series.  I'm doubtful that my foray into the Crow family past last week will lead to a mystery series for me— but then, you never know— and it has certainly led to increasing my already-alive appreciation for the heritage passed on to us by earlier generations and the importance of keeping that legacy alive.

So much of the Crow family heritage began in 1789 when John Wesley visited Clones, Ireland, and Christopher Crow  was converted under his preaching.  Our branch (well, my husband's actually, you understand) of Christopher Crow's family remains... Read More
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Crow/Crowe Family History from Canada

By Donna Fletcher Crow ~ October 15, 2014

 Well, we always knew that the Crow/Crowe family settled in Peterborough, Ontario, when they emigrated from County Monaghan, Ireland, and then, a generation later hired a train along with the McCracken family and migrated to St. Paul, Nebraska, near Grand Island.  

And Stan had long said that when he had a chance he wanted to get to Peterborough to see what he could find about his ancestors. That chance finally came and today we learned fascinating information about the Crow(e) family history.
Our first stop was the Peterborough Museum and Archives where an archivist gave us the background narrative of the early settlement of the area and pointed out other places to visit. Key to the story is Peter Robinson, a Yorkshire man whose family first emigrated to Virginia in the 160... Read More

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