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Donna Fletcher Crow

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Donna Fletcher Crow (US) is the author of forty-some books, mostly novels dealing with the history of British Christianity. She is the author of The Monastery Murders series; The Lord Danvers Victorian True-Crime series; The Elizabeth & Richard literary mysteries, GLASTONBURY,A Novel of the Holy Grail and more.

Fay Sampson

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Fay Sampson (UK) is a writer of adult and children's fiction and non-fiction, including A MALIGNANT HOUSE, #2 in the Susie Fewings series, a British Crime Club Pick.

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Fay Sampson Reflects on a Journey Through Turkey: A Visit to Santa Claus's Tomb

By Fay Sampson ~ April 12, 2014

I have made no secret of the fact that places are very important to me. They were the inspiration for my very first books, and still inspire my stories.

I mostly write about real places, and love to visit them. Usually, I will have been there before and have felt something special there which makes me want to enshrine them in a book.
But I also love travelling for holidays too. I’m no good at lying on a beach or sitting by a pool reading a book. I want to see things, to fill my memory with new experiences, new places. So we mostly go on... Read More
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Meet Idaho Author Sherry Briscoe

By Donna Fletcher Crow ~ March 31, 2014

Well, life is busy, but I'd been a member of the Idaho Writers' Guild (    for  a whole year and hadn't been to a meeting yet. Every month I would recieve notice of the time and place— always a luncheon at a local restaurant— and I would put it on my calendar. And then not get there.

Finally it was time to renew my membership for another year. In other words,... Read More

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A Visit with Judy Alteró My Alter Ego

By Donna Fletcher Crow ~ March 26, 2014

I am delighted to have Judy Alter as my guest today. I "met" Judy through a mystery Writers' listserve we both belong to and was fascinated to learn that in a creative sense, Judy and I have traded places. Judy grew up with an English father and now writes mysteries set in the American West. I grew up riding horses with my western father and write mysteries set in England.

Just as Judy mentions below, I have often wondered about the whys and wherefores of this and I hope, as Judy's friend says, bringing... Read More

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Adam Graham Talks About SLIME INCORPORATED

By Donna Fletcher Crow ~ March 19, 2014

My guest today is the ever-creative Adam Graham. Welcome, Adam.  Tell us about your new book Slime Incorporated.

Adam: Slime Incorporated is a detective novel set against the backdrop of the Idaho gubernatorial primary.
Hot shot Private Investigator Cole Ustick couldn’t care less about politics. However, his boss thrusts Ustick into the world of Idaho politics by assigning him the case of gubernatorial candidate Ignacio Hernandez. Hernandez wants to find the women behind thinly sourced allegations of sexual misconduct against him that appeared in the state’s largest newspaper.
Uncooperative campaign staffers would rather keep their own secrets than save their boss’s campaign, so Ustick takes matters into his own hands. He tricks the reporter behind the scandal into revealing one of Hernandez’s accusers. When the woman turns up dead, Hernandez is charged with her murder, and Ustick finds himself embroiled in the biggest political... Read More
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Jane Austen's Regency World Reviews A Jane Austen Encounter

By Donna Fletcher Crow ~ March 14, 2014

Now I can breathe! After months of holding my breath— because one never knows how a book will strike a reviewer— I gave a huge sigh of relief yesterday when the current issue of the wonderful magazine "Jane Austen's Regency World" arrived on my doorstep with a delightful review of A Jane Austen Encounter.

It's not just the fact that the reviewer says nice things— always acceptable to an author, of course—... Read More

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Veronica Heley on Her New Release: FALSE DIAMOND

By Donna Fletcher Crow ~ March 4, 2014



Donna: Veronica, Wwelcome to "Deeds of Darkness; Deeds of Light" and congratulations on your new Bea Abbot Mystery. Tell us about the release.

Veronica: Yes, FALSE DIAMOND duly came out last November here in the UK. It’s now available in America and all points south. Booklist had given it a good review but now I have – wait for it! – a starred review from Publishers Weekly.

Donna: Wow! That’s wonderful. Starred reviews are very hard to get.

Veronica: It would be extravagant to say that ‘now I can die happy’ and of course I don... Read More

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