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Where Love Shines

New Release! Where There is Love Series, Book 5: Where Love Shines

"Half a league, half a league/ Half a league onward, All in the valley of Death/ Rode the six hundred." Lieutenant Richard Greyston seeks heroic glory in the Charge of the Light Brigade. Jennifer Neville goes to Scutari as one of Florence Nightingale's nurses dreaming of wiping the brows of the wounded. Richard winds up blinded and Jennifer spends her days carrying slops as mice fall from the walls of the hospital.

Back in London Jennifer throws herself into charity work under the leadership of the Earl of Shaftesbury. She is delighted to reconnect with the convalescing Richard until she learns that his family's wealth is built on the potteries where children are subjected to unimaginable brutality. Richard eventually joins Shaftesbury's fight for social justice but must find a way out of the darkness to deal with his feelings for Jennifer.

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Where Love Restores

New Release! Where There is Love Series, Book 4: Where Love Restores

Georgiana is intrigued by the handsome stranger who appears unexpectedly at the hunt ball—then is amazed and delighted to discover he is none other than Granville Dudley Ryder, dearest playmate of her childhood. The specter of Granville's harsh father, however, shadows all that Granville strives to achieve until the terrors of the Cato Street Rebellion lead Granville to reconciliation and love.

An entirely historical story that moves from Cambridge to Somerset, to London to Wales and includes many of the most famous people of the day, the letters they wrote, and the words they spoke—even the animals are a matter of record. A love story for all time.

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An All-Consuming Fire

New Release! The Monastery Murders Series Book 5: An All-Consuming Fire

A Christmas wedding in a monastery--what could be more idyllic? And Felicity has never been happier, in spite of her over-bearing mother who wants to turn the whole event into a royal affair and Antony's worries over the television series he is narrating on the English Mystics. Then Felicity takes on responsibility for directing an Epiphany pageant for Kirkthorpe's wayward youth.

At least most of the vexing disruptions occurring on the filming locations are miles away from the Community of the Transfiguration. Until the threats move closer. Close enough to threaten Felicity's life.

Will the murderer stalking the Yorkshire Moors shatter the joy of Felicity and Antony's Christmas wedding?

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The Flame Ignites

The Elizabeth & Richard Mysteries Prequel: The Flame Ignites New Release!

How did it all begin? Before Elizabeth and Richard's terror-filled mystery week in the Rocky Mountains... before murder accompanied their honeymoon... before the life-changing English summer when death stalked the Jane Austen Trail...

October 1984, the New England hillsides are ablaze with red-gold autumn. Elizabeth is beginning her academic career, and Richard is stuck in the family business. They should be able to help each other with their work, but their meeting strikes sparks and raises old ghosts.

Elizabeth has an academic coup for her dissertation on the cherished American novelist Elswyth Thane within her grasp. Until Richard Spencer blocks her way. Is it possible that the death of Richard's beloved Mary Ilona really resulted from the fact that she was researching the same subject? Rudyard Kipling, William Beebe, Charles Lindberg, Edna Ferber and a host of celebrities from an age past fill the pages of Elswyth Thane's letters, but where is Elizabeth to find clues to the mystery haunting Richard?

A nostalgic return to an earlier, now-vanished time, The Flame Ignites charmingly evokes a long-distance relationship between a young woman just testing her wings and a celebrated American novelist. But what about the smoldering relationship between Elizabeth and Richard?

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Jane Austen Encounter

A Jane Austen Encounter

An Elizabeth & Richard Mystery

English professors Elizabeth and Richard celebrate twenty years of marriage with their dream vacation: visiting Jane Austen's homes. But not even the overpowering personality of their Oxford guide nor the careful attentions of their new friends can ward off lurking alarms. When a box of old documents is donated to the Jane Austen Centre in Bath Richard helps sort through it. Later that night he finds the Centre's director bleeding on her office floor. Could the letter that has gone missing lead to new revelations about Jane's unfinished manuscript The Watsons?

Join Elizabeth and Richard on their tour: Visit all the sites so redolent of Jane Austen and her characters in the beautiful city of Bath; stay in the Chawton House Library to visit the charming cottage where Jane's writing flowered and the nearby Steventon church where her father was rector; stand by her grave in Winchester Cathedral; and enjoy your time at the lovely country estate of Godmersham. But don't let your guard down. Evil lurks even in the genteel world of Jane Austen.

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New Release!

Glastonbury, The Novel of Christian England


All-new print edition of Glastonbury, The Novel of Christian England, from Angelico Press.

What readers are saying:
"Tonight I gave my volume of Glastonbury a place in the top shelf of one of my bookcases. The shelf I reserve for what I call life-changing books." -Jill

"My husband read it aloud to our teen son and daughter and myself and we all loved it. . . Fantastic experience." -Barbara

"A truly amazing read." -Suzie

"Crow has done a fabulous job taking bits of what we know of history and fleshing out stories that bring the different characters to life. . . I've loved reading this!" -Laura

"Transports you into the past! This book is an epic tale, and truly a wonderful work of art!" -Melanie

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About the Author

Donna Fletcher Crow is an author of historical novels including the epic Glastonbury, A Novel of Christian England, which was awarded First Place in Historical Fiction by the National Federation of Press Women. Donna lives and writes in Boise, Idaho. More About Donna

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