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Donna Fletcher Crow

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Donna Fletcher Crow (US) is the author of forty-some books, mostly novels dealing with the history of British Christianity. She is the author of The Monastery Murders series; The Lord Danvers Victorian True-Crime series; The Elizabeth & Richard literary mysteries, GLASTONBURY,A Novel of the Holy Grail and more.

Fay Sampson

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Fay Sampson (UK) is a writer of adult and children's fiction and non-fiction, including A MALIGNANT HOUSE, #2 in the Susie Fewings series, a British Crime Club Pick.

Sidmouth: Jane Austen Romance and Queen Victoria Shoes

By Donna Fletcher Crow ~ May 22, 2019

A lovely bus journey continues our Jane-Austen-led seashore tour to Sidmouth. Of course, Jane would have been in a carriage, but the views through the pleasant, rolling countryside must have been similar. And when rain splattered the windows I was glad for the comfort of my modern conveyance.

Tree branches bursting with spring buds scraped the windows as well. I never cease to be amazed how English bus drivers maneuver their mammoth buses along such narrow roads. One field is full of sheep, the next hosts gorgeous fat pheasants. Then we break out into a view of the sea with chalk cliffs running right to the water’s edge. Then a field of black...


Jane Austen Gives Literary Advice as her Seashore Tour Continues to Dawlish

By Donna Fletcher Crow ~ May 17, 2019

Young (and experienced) writers are always advised to seek outside help for their work—join a writers’ group, find a good editor, acquire beta readers. But can you imagine a budding novelist being able to receive advice personally from Jane Austen?

That was the enviable experience of young Anna Austen Lefroy who...


Jane Austen's Seashore Tour Begins at Teignmouth

By Donna Fletcher Crow ~ May 7, 2019

The explosion of popularity that gripped Georgian seashore resorts was perfectly timed for Teignmouth, whose fishing industry was declining. The first stirring of elegance came in 1787 when a tea house opened “amongst the local fishermen’s drying nets”. Tea rooms, which are not as thick on the ground today as they once were in England, continue to feature in Teignmouth.

Teignmouth, the western-most point on our itinerary, was listed as a “fashionable watering place” as early as 1803, a year after the Austens are believed to have spent several weeks there. When the Napoleonic wars hindered travel to France and the continent, tourists looked closer to home for their pleasures. Teignmouth...


A Seaside Tour with Jane Austen

By Donna Fletcher Crow ~ April 30, 2019


Literary tours led by authors are something of a travel industry standard and can bring great new insights to a trip. But have you ever been offered a literary tour led by an author who’s been dead for more than 200 years?

That’s what I undertook on my most recent research trip, and I invite you to come along as Jane Austen takes us to her favorite (and sometimes not-so-favorite) seaside resorts across the breadth of England.

The Regency period saw an explosion of seaside tourism for health and for...


An English Spring and Lenten Reading

By Donna Fletcher Crow ~ March 1, 2019

Lent 2019

As this goes out I will be in England. Last month I mentioned I would be speaking at MysteryFest in Portsmouth. From there I will spend a week at the seashore all along the south coast of England, visiting Jane Austen’s favorite holiday spots as research for my next Elizabeth and Richard literary suspense. And then, up to Manchester to visit our daughter and her family.

Which is why my garden pictures are ones our...


Books and an Invitation

By Donna Fletcher Crow ~ February 20, 2019

My abject apologies to my highly valued Newsletter Subscribers for whom the pictures failed to come through! I don't know whether I'm more frustrated or disappointed, but I know...


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