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Donna Fletcher Crow, Novelist of British History, has written more than 50 books specializing in British Christianity. These books include: The Monastery Murders, clerical mysteries; Lord Danvers Investigates, Victorian true-crime; The Elizabeth and Richard series, literary suspense; and Glastonbury, The Novel of Christian England. She loves research and sharing you-are-there experiences with her readers.

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Donna Fletcher Crow, Novelist of British History


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The Authorized Version

Donna Fletcher Crow, Novelist of British History

A traveling researcher engages people and places from Britain's past and present, drawing comparisons and contrasts between past and present for today's reader.

Prayer of Sir Francis Drake as Known to Brothers of Jane Austen

By Donna Fletcher Crow ~ April 27, 2021

In my recent video “Jane Austen: From Paradise to Portsmouth” Jane takes viewers to the royal Garrison Church in Portsmouth and recounts the central role their faith played in the lives of her two naval brothers.


 Francis, who rose to be Admiral of the Fleet, was known as “the officer who knelt in church,” an uncommon devotion in those days of rather careless religious practice.

 And up to the day of his death there...


How English was Jane Austen’s Speech?

By Donna Fletcher Crow ~ March 22, 2021

I’ll admit it. In preparing my video Jane Austen from Paradise to Portsmouth I did worry about my American accent. Would it be acceptable to English viewers? To American viewers, for that matter? Should I attempt to speak in cut glass “received” English? An endeavor at which I knew I would fail.

But then, what would Jane have sounded like, living in rural Hampshire 200+ years ago?

I consulted one of my favorite authorities Bill Bryson. In his book The Mother Tongue, he reported that:

Dr. David Ramsay, one of the first American historians, noted in 1791 that Americans had a particular purity of speech, the result of people from all over Britain being thrown together in America where they “dropped the peculiarities of their several provincial...


New Venture Launched: “Jane Austen from Paradise to…” Videos

By Donna Fletcher Crow ~ March 11, 2021

A worldwide pandemic isn’t a career move, but in the past year many of us have been forced to reinvent ourselves due to the strictures of not being able to travel, hold meetings, or speak to groups in person. That’s what happened to me when I was barred from taking research trips, speaking at book festivals, and meeting with readers’ groups. 

When closures continued this year, I agreed to give...


Register for Free event this Monday: Jane Austen in Portsmouth

By Donna Fletcher Crow ~ February 23, 2021

Here's all you need to know to register for my upcoming gig—Monday March 1, at the Portsmouth Bookfest—via Zoom, of course.


I will be appearing as Jane Austen, and in her persona, will talk about the importance of Portsmouth both to the Austen family—especially her sailor brothers, and in Jane’s letters and books—especially Mansfield Park. 

The event will be at 7:00 English Time—which makes it 12 noon here in Idaho. This site can help you convert this to your own time

I’m preparing lots of slides to illustrate Jane’s talk and Jane and I will both welcome questions and comments at the end. We would love...


Remembering Katharine Whitehorn

By Donna Fletcher Crow ~ February 3, 2021

As a “recovering lawyer” my husband has always read obituaries routinely. He needs to know if a client for whom he wrote a will has died. Only in the last few years, however, have I taken routinely to reading obituaries—those on the last page of The Economist. They are extremely well written and people’s lives fascinate me.


Occasionally the obituaries feature someone of whom I have heard—a world leader or a favorite actor. But only once before has The Economist obituary been someone I actually knew personally. (PD James) So it was with something of a jolt from the past that I read the obituary this week of Katharine Whitehorn who died January 8 at the...


Jane Austen to Appear at Portsmouth Bookfest

By Donna Fletcher Crow ~ January 20, 2021

Well, okay, I’ll be appearing in the persona of my favorite author. But surely, this will be a nostalgic return for Jane. Austen lived in nearby Southampton between 1806 and 1809. Austen set a major scene in her novel Mansfield Park in what is now Old Portsmouth. Her brothers Francis and Charles attended the royal Naval Academy in Portsmouth, and Francis, who rose to be Admiral of the Fleet, made his home in Portsmouth.


For my March 1 presentation at the Portsmouth Bookfest Jane will conduct us on walking tours of both Portsmouth...


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