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Donna Fletcher Crow

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Donna Fletcher Crow (US) is the author of forty-some books, mostly novels dealing with the history of British Christianity. She is the author of The Monastery Murders series; The Lord Danvers Victorian True-Crime series; The Elizabeth & Richard literary mysteries, GLASTONBURY,A Novel of the Holy Grail and more.

Fay Sampson

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Fay Sampson (UK) is a writer of adult and children's fiction and non-fiction, including A MALIGNANT HOUSE, #2 in the Susie Fewings series, a British Crime Club Pick.

#MysteryExchange - The Murder That Inspired a Romantic #Mystery Novel, with @Kris_Bock

By Donna Fletcher Crow ~ July 7, 2018

Day 3 in my Mystery Blog Exchange. Today meet Kris Bock with her novel What we Found. Then go over to Kris's blog and read about my Victorian true-crime A Lethal Spectre, Lord Danvers investigates, 5. If you like mysteries based on true events, you'll enjoy both books.

Welcome, Kris. Tell us about writing What We Found.

Many writers are inspired by real events or people in their lives. This makes difficult situations a form of research. “This stinks, but maybe...


#Mystery Exchange with Andi Ramos Gumshoe Girl

By Donna Fletcher Crow ~ July 6, 2018

Day 2 in my July Mystery Exchange tour. My guest is Andi Ramos to tell us about her book Gumshoe Girl. After you get acquainted with Andi and her book here you can go over to Andi's blog and read about my amateur sleuths Lord and Lady Danvers. 

Andi, our characters are a century and a half apart, but they both manage to get involved in solving murders. Tell us about your Gumshoe Girl.

Sheagan O’Hare got more than she bargained for when her newly inherited detective agency lands its first case; a missing person, embezzlement, and murder. Sheagan’s out to prove she can hang with the...


#Mystery Exchange with P.J. MacLayne The Marquesa's Necklace

By Donna Fletcher Crow ~ July 5, 2018

Today I am doing a mystery blog exchange with P.J. MacLayne, author of The Marquesa's Necklace The Oak Grove Mysteries, Book 1). After you read this, you can go over to P.J.'s blog Mountain Musings and read about A Lethal Spectre, Lord Danvers Investigates, book 5. P.J. and I agree that our books should both appeal to the same readers.

P.J., tell us how The Marquesa's necklace came about. 

The truth is, I didn't set out to write a cozy mystery series. This book was supposed to...


OLD BOOKS, NEW LIFE Fay Sampson on Rewriting Morgan le Fay

By Fay Sampson ~ June 20, 2018

The great thing about writing books is that they acquire a life of their own after they’re published.

Some thirty years ago I wrote Daughter of Tintagel (Headline).  This is a sequence of five novels in which the story of Morgan le Fay is told by four very different narrators, finishing with Herself, in which Morgan adds her own ironic comments on the demonising of her legend. The books have been republished by Cosmos Books as the Morgan le Fay sequence. 



Sally S. Wright, in Memoriam

By Donna Fletcher Crow ~ June 15, 2018

Sally Wright author of exquisite mystery novels died June 15, 2018

"I have lost a treasure...such a friend as never can have been surpassed--" Cassandra Austen on the death of her sister Jane

Level-headed, clear-eyed, valiant-for-truth, Sally Wright saw and understood human nature as it is. Never dramatizing, never demonizing, she used this understanding and her passion for meticulous research to craft her six superb Ben Reese mysteries and her three, perhaps more personal, Jo Grant novels. The mystery-writing community recognized her excellence with an Edgar Award nomination.

Sally was pure class and a true for better-or-for-worse friend. The world needs more Sally Wrights. Sadly, we have one fewer. May she rest in...


Feast of the Ascension in An Unholy Communion

By Donna Fletcher Crow ~ May 9, 2018


Ascension Day, commemorating the bodily ascent of Christ into Heaven, 40 days after Easter, is one of the most joyous feast days in the Christian calendar. The celebration is always accompanied by lovely hymns such as "Hail Thee, Festival Day" and "Hail the Day that Sees Him Rise." And on one very special Ascension Day I was in the monastery which serves as a model for the Community of the Transfiguration where Felicity is studying and got to experience standing at the foot of the tower and hearing the ordinands far above me sing in the...


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